Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Poisonous Frequencies: Torschlusspanik

Poisonous Frequencies is a sort of power trio, unexpectedly formed in 2015. Federsel, Petr Vrba and Didi Kern go berserk mixing rock, noise and free improvisation. 
Petr Vrba is discovering the possibilities of electrified trumpet, disguised as electric guitar and Tomislav Federsel is continuing in his search for the most awful electric guitar sound. Didi Kern beats the drum.

Their debut album recorded live in Studio Jámor, Prague is just being released by Czech-Finnish label Meteorismo in limited series of 100 vinyls.

"This free improvisation by all means goes far from the jazz idioms and non-idioms and has its roots in the rock music stripped of all of its clichés."
Petr Slabý, UNI

Tomáš Procházka/Federsel is a musician, improviser, sound artist, performer and producer. He is a member of the theater Handa Gote research & development and music projects B4, Gurun Gurun, Radio Royal, Federsel & Mäkelä, Wabi Experience and also performs solo as Federsel. He works with field recordings, media archeology, electric and acoustic instruments purely electronic systems. He performs his version no input mixing board or performs the prepared guitar and objects. He is a founder of concert series Wakushoppu. In 2014 he founded with Pasi Mäkelä microlabel Meteorismo.

Petr Vrba
Thanks to his discovering of non-idiomatic improvisation using trumpet, clarinet, vibrating speaker, egg slicers, contact microphones etc. became one of the most active experimental musicians in Prague. He co-founded several improvisation projects (IQ + 1, Prague improvisation orchestra, Los Amargados, Slots & Joints, 2 horses too many, Yanagi duo, Junk & the Beast etc.), A member of the experimental-folk-noise-rock trio Rouilleux, regularly works with the dance music scene in the Czech Republic (KaPe, Arthuur, Setkáme se). It is a music dramaturg of Školská 28 Gallery and over twenty years he broadcasts on a Radio 1 (13 syrových).

Didi Kern plays mainly rock, improvised and electronic music. Drumming since childhood, began in rural marching bands. Since the nineties, a member of bands like Bulbul or Fuckhead. He co-founded the group Broken Heart Collector and his teammates include Philipp Quehenberger, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, Graewe Georg, Franz Hautzninger. Occasionally performs as a DJ.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

METEORISMO: The Art of Distortion

METEORISMO compilation 2016
The Art of Distortion Vol. 1

Another marvellous compilation of METEORISMO label, this time focused on use of distortion in sound and music. Distortion is not just your Boss DS-1 super rare vintage Turbo Distortion guitar effect - we ecouraged everyone to dig deeper in the black art of distorting the audio signal and bring all kinds of sound deformation: tape distortion, mechanical deformation, lo-fi recording techniques, overdriven tubes, cheap preamps, fuzzboxes and also some digital stuttering.
Blackest of the black arts! The art of distortion!

Mastering: Federsel, CSN
Cover art: Meteorismo

Released April 25, 2016

or Poisonous Frequencies duo. Dialog of electric trumpet and the ugliest electric guitar sound in progress.

Poprvé a za peníze
Jingle bells from Prague.
Iveta Plná is visual artist and musician, member of project IR where she plays with Romano Krzych.

Tyto Alba
Electroacoustic/ improvisation/ site-specific music/ urban shamanism from Prague.

Handcrafted analoque sounds from Finland.


Komissar Hjuler
Musician, visual artist, film maker and police officer in Flensburg, Germany. Member of the NO!art Movement.

Erick Diego
is Mexican experimental musician and sound artist based in Mexico City. His work dispalys the mechanisms of risk in an attempt to prove that emptiness has occupied everything.


is a one man sound/noise project based primarily on a typewriter. TEXTORMANCE means textual performance including associations of sexual romance, torture and necromancy. TEXTORMANCE is Tuomas Timonen from Finland.


is a project of Arturo Ortega sound artist with based in Guadalajara, Mexico. His work explore electroacustic sounds and modified electronic devices, he founded A.M.P-RECS netlabel that publish experimental and alternative music since 2005.

PAM is Prague based Finn, performer and musician. His first solo album was released by Meteorismo in 2014. Petr Vrba is a man with the trumpet, member of IQ+1, Poisonous Frequencies, Rouilleux and Prague Improvisation Orchestra.

Tarnovski & Asuna
Jara Tarnovski is one of the founding members of experimental/electronic quartet Gurun Gurun (Home Normal). He also plays in the bands Wabi Experience, IQ+1 and The Czech Psychedelic Society Manifesto.
Asuna is Japanese sound artist and musician. He has debuted on Spanish label Lucky Kitchen in 2002. Then he release a lot of works on various labels around the world. He makes experimental pizza music using a lot acoustic and electronic instruments.

Martin Janíček, Tomáš Procházka: Soundtracks for Silent Movies

A selection of recordings from the live accompaniment to silent films Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (1920) and Gypsies (1921). Recorded at the Czech Center in Rotterdam and Cinema Iluzjon, Warszawa.

Released April 25, 2016

Martin Janíček: objects, electronics
Tomáš Procházka: live sampling

Sound editing and tracklist: Tarnovski, CSN
Recording, mastering: Federsel, CSN
Cover: Radek Pokorný

Special thanks:
Czech centre Warszawa
Czech centre Rotterdam
Petr Janyška 

The Pololáníks: The Suspicious Slumber Party

The Suspicious Slumber Party
(Federsel curates The Pololáníks)

Federsel mixes abandoned material from his favored Czech free improvisation combo as an unsolicited tribute to the promising band, now on indefinite hiatus.

Released April 25, 2016

Recording, mixing and mastering: Federsel, CSN
Tracklist: Tarnovski, CSN
Music: The Pololáníks
Cover: Radek Pokorný 

Monzun Kandahar: U25494vsFR7327

Field recording noise from well-known Czech musician and producer, well-hidden under his mysterious moniker.
All the sounds were recorded and mixed in an aeroplane on several travels of the artist.

Released April 25, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered on the plane by Monzun Kandahar.