Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sabotanic Garden: TONTTU

Sabotanic Garden live group improvisation - Recorded during Tonttu performance in May 2013 at Pori Art Museum, Finland

Simo Laihonen - Percussions, Wind Instruments
Pasi Mäkelä - Vocals, Percussions
Jussi Saivo - Electronics, Wind Instruments
Janne Tuomi - Percussions, Wind Instruments

Recorded and Mixed by Jarkko Montonen
Mastered by Jussi Saivo

Artwork - Pasi Mäkelä
Photography - Pia Hovi-Assad

Tonttu is chorereograpy and physical performance by Pasi Mäkelä, performer and musician living in Prague, and co-directing Meteorismo.

"Tonttu (eng. gnome) is a mythical figure of Scandinavian folklore. It was
common belief that in most of the areas of the natural world existed gnomes.
Forests had forest gnomes, saunas sauna gnomes, barns had barn gnomes
etc. Gnomes helped people if they were treated well, but if treated badly or
neglected they could cause all kinds of torments and turmoil. Gnomes were
link between natural world and human society.
Outskirts of society are parallel to the outskirts of the body and the mind.
Somewhere in the shadows of total confusion lurks Tonttu.
In finnish language word tonttu is also synonym for idiot."

Sabotanic Garden is finnish performance and music group formed in 2006 by performance & conceptual artist Pasi Mäkelä and sound designer Jussi Saivo. SG performs in changing line-ups, working in all possible performing platforms from forests to clubs and art venues.
Janne Tuomi is percussionist playing in all fields of music, from jazz to classical and back.
Simo Laihonen is drummer of finnish jazz band Black Motor and many others.



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