Thursday, February 26, 2015

Robert Smolik: Expériences Musicales

In 1961 Jean Dubuffet published a collection of recordings called Expériences Musicales. More than half century years later Robert Smolik records album that you (may) hold in your hands as a kind of homage. Unlike Jean Dubuffet, however, Robert Smolik does not even partially play any musical instruments and therefore he approached to all instruments as to certain magical objects whose value added is production of sound. The aim of this expedition into the sonic unknown was the same as in the original recording: with the help of music to approach "sounds of decay, the growth of grass and minerals undergoing transformation."

 Robert Smolik: electric guitar, bass guitar, sampler, percussion, sound objects Diddley bow, voice
 Mix and mastering: Federsel

 Released in January, 2015 by Meteorismo label in a limited number of 100 copies of 140 grams vinyl with handmade cover.

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