Thursday, February 26, 2015

Robert Smolik: Expériences Musicales

In 1961 Jean Dubuffet published a collection of recordings called Expériences Musicales. More than half century years later Robert Smolik records album that you (may) hold in your hands as a kind of homage. Unlike Jean Dubuffet, however, Robert Smolik does not even partially play any musical instruments and therefore he approached to all instruments as to certain magical objects whose value added is production of sound. The aim of this expedition into the sonic unknown was the same as in the original recording: with the help of music to approach "sounds of decay, the growth of grass and minerals undergoing transformation."

 Robert Smolik: electric guitar, bass guitar, sampler, percussion, sound objects Diddley bow, voice
 Mix and mastering: Federsel

 Released in January, 2015 by Meteorismo label in a limited number of 100 copies of 140 grams vinyl with handmade cover.

Crinkled Tape Society: Eintopf Session

Crinkled Tape Society is ever changing collective iniciated by Federsel as a part of his research on true lo-fi sound, which originated with series of Urban Camping recordings. CTS is a developing of the same method - recording a free form music on tape with partially random overdubs. Recordings are basically some sorte of byproduct of an interaction with the recording device (4 track tape recorder Fostex X-15). The project is also a homage to Davenport Family, free musical collective existing between 2002 and 2005 in Wisconsin, USA. With the very same goal, CTS tries to deal with raw music and sonic material of whatever sorte, to record in any possible place with or without music instruments, whatever music or non-music style.

Georgij Bagdasarov - electronics
Federsel - bass, modular synth, electric guitar
Alexandra Morales - Coron DS 7
Cristina Maldonado - Coron DS 7
Elizabeth Rose Russell - vocal

Recorded at home, 17. 12. 2014
Cover: Radek Pokorný 

Sabotanic Garden: TONTTU

Sabotanic Garden live group improvisation - Recorded during Tonttu performance in May 2013 at Pori Art Museum, Finland

Simo Laihonen - Percussions, Wind Instruments
Pasi Mäkelä - Vocals, Percussions
Jussi Saivo - Electronics, Wind Instruments
Janne Tuomi - Percussions, Wind Instruments

Recorded and Mixed by Jarkko Montonen
Mastered by Jussi Saivo

Artwork - Pasi Mäkelä
Photography - Pia Hovi-Assad

Tonttu is chorereograpy and physical performance by Pasi Mäkelä, performer and musician living in Prague, and co-directing Meteorismo.

"Tonttu (eng. gnome) is a mythical figure of Scandinavian folklore. It was
common belief that in most of the areas of the natural world existed gnomes.
Forests had forest gnomes, saunas sauna gnomes, barns had barn gnomes
etc. Gnomes helped people if they were treated well, but if treated badly or
neglected they could cause all kinds of torments and turmoil. Gnomes were
link between natural world and human society.
Outskirts of society are parallel to the outskirts of the body and the mind.
Somewhere in the shadows of total confusion lurks Tonttu.
In finnish language word tonttu is also synonym for idiot."

Sabotanic Garden is finnish performance and music group formed in 2006 by performance & conceptual artist Pasi Mäkelä and sound designer Jussi Saivo. SG performs in changing line-ups, working in all possible performing platforms from forests to clubs and art venues.
Janne Tuomi is percussionist playing in all fields of music, from jazz to classical and back.
Simo Laihonen is drummer of finnish jazz band Black Motor and many others.


Stratocluster: Jabka hrušky meotary

Artist collective Stratocluster shows its dark side on this collection of super lo-fi sonic bits and pieces.
Try not to get suffocated by unilimited power of their imagination!

"Stratocluster is an ensemble engaging in multimedia improvisation, this time ‘multi’ meaning ‘obsolete’.
Stratocluster is an engaging improvising obsolete ensemble meaning time.
militantcuntmilitantcuntmilitant whisperwhisperwhisper militantcunt.

Jabka hrušky meotary is Czech for ‘Apples, pears, overhead projectors’, reflecting both the agricultural roots of Stratocluster’s members and the incidentality of the cassette, recorded, partly unawares, on Jan Faix’s Sony TCM-359v during rehearsals for concerts utilising an overhead projector as a means for multimedia improvisation. Also reflecting the English language's relentless need for commas.

Kwodsko! Kwodskoch! Kwochkods! – Pse! …woof. Goats. Sheep.

A: The thing is, even if you went to a country where the convention is to shoot people in horse heads on sight, it’d still have the same effect.
B: I’ll shall go to Iva Bittová’s workshop in a horse head.

Cover design by Max Máslo, rexroth orc-king of North Wenceslas Square. Comes either as a free digital download, or a luxury collector's edition bundle including a C-60 chrome smelted casette, a cover hand made by members of Stratocluster, and an A3 poster by Max Máslo. Guaranteed to satisfy your object-fetish for at least two months.

Nananana power chords DEATH TO COMMAS.

Featuring Jan Faix, Jan Kulka, Mikuláš Mrva, Marcel Bárta, Tomáš Mika and Ian Mikyska. Recorded in July 2014 at BIG MANY CE$H DEDY primedeluxe Studios in Vinohrady, Prague.

All power to imagination can sometimes be suffocating."

the meme - 3

the meme are an experimental sound duo from Chicago. Jeffrey Kmieciak (lap steel guitar, electronics) and Milan Bobysud (electronics) create textured soundscapes using a lap steel guitar, analog synthesizers, drum-machines and a variety of processors. The resulting sound ranges from pastoral psychedelia and gentle ambience through drone and motorik minimalism all the way to sinister noise.

The duo's improvised performances feature abstract video backgrounds collaged from found footage films and other re-purposed visuals.
3 is the meme's 3rd official release (1 came out on cassette in the spring of 2014 on particle tapes and 2 was released in October of the same year by Signals From Arkaim: ). The three tracks of this new album were recorded live in studio sessions in the winter of 2015.

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