Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Crinkled Tape Society: Session 1

Crinkled Tape Society is ever changing collective iniciated by Federsel as a part of his research on true lo-fi sound, which originated with series of Urban Camping recordings. CTS is a developing of the same method - recording a free form music on tape with partially random overdubs. Recordings are basically some sorte of byproduct of an interaction with the recording device (4 track tape recorder Fostex X-15). The project is also a homage to Davenport Family, free musical collective existing between 2002 and 2005 in Wisconsin, USA. With the very same goal, CTS tries to deal with raw music and sonic material of whatever sorte, to record in any possible place with or without music instruments, whatever music or non-music style.

Petr Vrba - electric trumpet, vocal
Federsel - bass, modular synth, speak and spell
Alexandre Losada - electric guitar
Sara Pena - electric guitar, vocal
Cristina Maldonado - VHS

Recorded on four track tape recorder Fostex X-15.
Special thanks to Radek Pokorný for cover design 

Recordings of Crinkled Tape Society are not to be taken as a serious discography, but more like a series of audio happenings, acoustic imprint of a social event or sometimes maybe an invocation of sonic demons.

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