Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Handa Gote: Radio Laputa

Radio Laputa is a lo-fi radio documentary recorded on Malostranské náměstí, Prague at 17.11. 2014 during a student happenning celebrating 25th anniversary of “Velvet revolution” in former Czechoslovakia.
Small team of Handa Gote audio experts was asking passers-by about their memories of revolution, or simply their todays feelings towards the revolution, but lately falling into simple chitchating, introvert mumbling, soliloquy and just plain recording of whatever was happening around. Spoken word is recorded in four layers and combined with music from found cassettes, sometimes processed through simple sound effects.
The result is a somnambulant documentary about one insignificant meeting in the hour of the anniversary of one of the most important moments in the modern Czech history.

Recorded on location: Malostranské náměstí, Prague, Czech Republic
Everything battery powered.
All equipment used during recording was made before 17.11. 1989.

Production: www.jedefrau.org

Released 17 November 2014

Handa Gote Radio Crew:
Robert Smolík
Tomáš Procházka

Cover design: Robert Smolík & Martin Smolík
Sound editing: Federsel

Count Portmon: Sony-TCM-359V

Recording dedicated to a single cassette recorder was a starting point of the project Count Portmon in 2011. Now his creator Jan Faix again has a reason to repeat the same concept. At the moment it is a requiem for a dead cassette recorder Sony TCM-359V, which significantly contributed to the sound effects palette not only in the solo work of Count Portmon, but also in bands Skrytý půvab byrokracie, Stratocluster, Let´s Bomb the Hell, Polk and Pražský syndrom, in the studio or live on stage.
Album thus contains raw recordings of playing with the recorder, long noises, field recordings, random bits of dialogue, music and other exceptional sonic situations. Sometimes sounds without any editing, sometimes they have been processed through Audacity program or through an arsenal of tape repeaters. In the resulting surreal collage, everyone can easily project his own experiences. Many people who have occurred in the range of the microphone of this unit, may even recognize bits of the recorded situations.

Released 20 December 2014

Jan Faix: Sony TCM-359V, tape repeaters, Audacity

Cover: Jan Faix/Jan Polanský
Mastering: Magister Federselius 

Here, you can  see one of the Portmon's videos, featuring his favourite friends, cassette walkmans:

Listen and download here:

Crinkled Tape Society: Session 1

Crinkled Tape Society is ever changing collective iniciated by Federsel as a part of his research on true lo-fi sound, which originated with series of Urban Camping recordings. CTS is a developing of the same method - recording a free form music on tape with partially random overdubs. Recordings are basically some sorte of byproduct of an interaction with the recording device (4 track tape recorder Fostex X-15). The project is also a homage to Davenport Family, free musical collective existing between 2002 and 2005 in Wisconsin, USA. With the very same goal, CTS tries to deal with raw music and sonic material of whatever sorte, to record in any possible place with or without music instruments, whatever music or non-music style.

Petr Vrba - electric trumpet, vocal
Federsel - bass, modular synth, speak and spell
Alexandre Losada - electric guitar
Sara Pena - electric guitar, vocal
Cristina Maldonado - VHS

Recorded on four track tape recorder Fostex X-15.
Special thanks to Radek Pokorný for cover design 

Recordings of Crinkled Tape Society are not to be taken as a serious discography, but more like a series of audio happenings, acoustic imprint of a social event or sometimes maybe an invocation of sonic demons.

Handa Gote: Urban Camping 3

 Urban Camping is an action of art group Handa Gote reseach & development. 24-hour camping in a public space in the city center. After the piazza of the Prague National Theatre and the passage Archa, Handa Gote camped on a pedestal of Saxon Neue Bibliothek in Chemnitz. Recorded on four track tape recorder Fostex X-15 with battery pack. In addition to these tools were used handmade crystal and dynamic 
microphones and random repeater nicknamed Parrot (made by Jakub Hybler).

Production: www.jedefrau.org

Recorded on the location: Moritzstrasse 20, Chemnitz, Germany
Everything battery powered.

Recorded by:
Pasi Mäkelä - banjo, Casio, clarinet, charango
Tomislav Federsel - drum machine, diddley bow, vocal, blues harp
Leoš Kropáček - bottles, cans
Johannes Dörner - banjo, charango
Knut - djembe, spoken word

Sound editing: Federsel
Photo: Pasi Mäkelä
Special thanks to Milo and Weltecho