Monday, November 3, 2014


Federsel & Mäkelä again disguised as experimental music curators!
This is the second Meteorismo - serious, yet crazy- Compilation!
Carefully selected sonic delicacies for the listening pleasure of true strange music connoiseur!

Kekri, also spelled Keyri, or Käyri,  in ancient Finnish religion a feast day marking the end of the agricultural season that also coincided with the time when the cattle were taken in from pasture and settled for a winter’s stay in the barn. Kekri originally fell on Michaelmas, September 29, but was later shifted to November 1, All Saints’ Day. In the old system of reckoning time, Kekri was a critical period between the old and new years when the ancestor spirits came to visit their former homes. The living accordingly held feasts honouring the dead. Food and drink were left for the spirits, the sauna was heated, and the dead were referred to as “holy men.” The feast was generally restricted to the members of the family, but in some areas the occasion was also marked by the common sacrifice of a sheep by the men of the entire village.

KEKRI 2014
1.Der Marebrechst: 28 bradavek
2.Secretones: Concrete Mixer
3.Shaun Robert: Entr’acte
4.K.U.N.T.Z: Warstores
5.Federsel: Late Lament
6.Mooncup Accident: La Lasta Viro
7.PRESENT: Stuff of Life
8.Mama Baer: The Island
9.Tietäjät: Voodoo Noita Menee Komeroon
10.Kusti Vuorinen: Ultramariini

Minor sonic treatment: Professor Federselius
Cover art: Otto Kouwen


Tietäjät is a side project of Finnish performance/music group Sabotanic Garden.

Otto Eskelinen - woodwinds, sampler
Eero Savela, trumpet
Arttu Hasu, bass
Marko Timonen, percussion
and special guest Olli Kari - synthesizer

Concrete Mixer composed by O.E. and co-arranged with Arttu Hasu.
Thanks also for Pertti Venäläinen and Venäläisen Perunatila for awesome samples, that made the basis of the tune!

Kusti Vuorinen
Finnish accordionist, multi-instrumentalist & composer Kusti Vuorinen presents here his recent work. Kusti played and recoded everything by himself in old wooden community house in Kuhmalahti, Finland.

is a viennese underground band founded by Divad Obenaus and Jan Linke .During time and space K.U.N.T.Z always tried to do different music styles from noise to pop or from ambient to country everything our hearts beating for.
The personel at  Warstores:
Divad Obenaus - synth
Bernhard Aye - chaospads
Jan Linke - e-drums

is a Los Angeles based quartet performing heavy experimental music since 2012. Their atonal compositions abandon guitars and lyrical form in favor the melodic dissonances of female sax, synthesizer, and vocals seated atop hectic percussive intensity. Non-traditional linear song gives way to free form passages, often in collaboration with other artists.The tone of their music invokes influences of 20th Century Classical, Black Metal, Japanese underground, Anarcho Punk, outsider art and free jazz. Live shows are often accompanied by performance art, live video, and improvised noise.
Stuff of Life recorded September 2014 at Cal Tech & and Women of Crenshaw, Los Angeles.
Produced by Henry MacDonald

Czech musician, producer and performer. One half of Federsel & Mäkelä duo. A man behind the mixing desk.

Der Marebrechst
Mysterious Czech musician and visual artist, designer of his own musical instruments.

Mooncup Accident
(Kristina Láníková a k!amm) is an universal misadventure trasformed into sound, caught on two cassettes so far, Litany of Hole (Blood in the Boat, 2013) a Holy Crap & Stuff (KLaNGundKRaCH, 2014). La Lasta Viro was recorded live at Spione in Brussels.

Shaun Robert
Musician and music curator, director of Institute For Alien Research Bath, Somerset. England.

Mama Baer
One half of the prolific duo Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer.
Member of the NO!art Movement.

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