Sunday, November 2, 2014

Federsel/Freudl: PEACOCK KING

Noise, samba, psychedelic and Czech brass music fragments, easy listening, lounge and hypnagogic, free rock and lysergic jazz.
During hiatus of their home group B4 long-time collaborators Federsel and Freudl met for the second time this year for an impromptu session. While previous record New Rock was kind of sober and pure sounding, the new album Peacock King was dedicated to cleansing bath of cacophonous sound, punctuated here and there with twisted bits of samba or 90’s lounge. To achieve the highest cacophony levels the duo invited several guests on brass instruments. Federsel and Freudl, in their side projects allow to go much farther than their home group, which is probably the only krautrock band in Czech Republic. The album is so fully rexhibits their dry and dekadent sense of humor. Peacock King is a musical invocation of demons done by the silliest sounds, stuttering rhythms and haunted melodies.
The album is a continuation of a series of earlier experiments pairs with different forms of psychedelic music using absurdly dense and unbearably intense flow of music and sound data. Peacock King is a scrum musical cues, often with the potential prettiness feeding on each other, producing a nervy sound mass, interrupted here and there with wacky easy listening. Soundtrack to our disordered lives, our fragmented world.

Recorded by
David Freudl: Korg microKORG, Delicia Mini MicroBrut Arturia, Korg Poly 800, Sonivox Mellotron
Tomislav Federsel: Dr. Boehm Digital Drums, Arturia MicroBrut, Hard Mod Duo, electric guitar, bass guitar, didley bow, theremin, percussions, voice

and guests
Petr Vrba: trumpet, trumpinet, electric tube
Strakoš: saxophone, clarinet
Vaclav Kalivoda: trombone

Recorded at home in late June and July 2014
Sound: Federsel, CSN
Cover design: Martin Klapper

Released on Meteorismo Records, 18.10.2014

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