Thursday, June 26, 2014

Federsel: SPEAKER

SPEAKER blends neo-musique concréte a Federsel’s own made up genre chamber noise music. Whole album is formally focused on various forms of distortion using tubes, tape, magnetic heads, fuzzbox or simple signal overload.
SPEAKER deals with hypnagogic inspirations in music and more than agresivity or straightforward psychedelia is trying to depict scattered vision and disordered data by form typical for hypnagogic states. For this time Federsel did not used any samples
and all the sounds comes from real instruments or studio equipment, often connected in a worst possible way to get his desired somnambulic sound.

Federsel: electric guitar, modular synth, feedbacks, tape player

Recorded at home, May 2013

Speaker, by Federsel

Keyterms: chamber noise music, hypnagogic avantgarde, inapropriate wiring

Tags: neo-musique concréte, noise, analog electronics, tape music, postindustrial

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