Thursday, June 26, 2014

Federsel: SPEAKER

SPEAKER blends neo-musique concréte a Federsel’s own made up genre chamber noise music. Whole album is formally focused on various forms of distortion using tubes, tape, magnetic heads, fuzzbox or simple signal overload.
SPEAKER deals with hypnagogic inspirations in music and more than agresivity or straightforward psychedelia is trying to depict scattered vision and disordered data by form typical for hypnagogic states. For this time Federsel did not used any samples
and all the sounds comes from real instruments or studio equipment, often connected in a worst possible way to get his desired somnambulic sound.

Federsel: electric guitar, modular synth, feedbacks, tape player

Recorded at home, May 2013

Speaker, by Federsel

Keyterms: chamber noise music, hypnagogic avantgarde, inapropriate wiring

Tags: neo-musique concréte, noise, analog electronics, tape music, postindustrial

Andrej Danóczi: Reminiscencie

Solitaire of Slovak experimental music and prolific creator of numerous pieces of plunderphonic and musique concrète made special selection for Meteorismo. He dived in his bottomless sonic vaults and brought out a collection of twelve experimental pieces based on omnivorous sampling and sophisticated work combining basically any piece of sonic material on which he could lay his hands on. Composition 2004-2012 is a compressed collage of every piece of solo music that Danóczi made between those years.

Andrej Danóczi lives and works in Trenčín, Slovakia.

Keyterms: home made avantgarde,

Tags: musique concréte, electronics, plunderphonics

Reminiscencie, by Andrej Danóczi



The album was created in 2012 as a specific "remix" of B4’s album Lux Oxid, with some added sounds from found audio cassettes and several other, mostly non-musical sounds. The album was originally supposed to serve as a protection against the excessive penetration of all sorts of noises into all B4’s regular albums. It was intended to use it as a sort of musical homeopathy. The band came to the conclusion that if they make a separate album of noises, they wouldn’t ruin all their songs with them anymore. But obviously, they also wanted to have a recording where all the nice noises would not be disturbed by any musical background. As they say, they managed to fulfill the second goal, but not the first one.

1.Abominable Dr.Boehm
2.Vědecká II
3.Midnight Western Melodies.wav
4.Boys and Girls.wav
7.Abris Debris
8.Echo and Tuba
9.Uksus Rock
10.Leave it All Behind
11.Freestyle Fernsehen
12.That Person
13.Vědecká III
14.Dictaphone 1992

David Freudl, Tomáš Procházka, Leoš Kropáček and Karel Žďárský:
various devices, instruments and sounds

Mix and mastering: Federsel

Keyterms: obsolitism, home made avantgarde, Eastern Bloc experimental music

Tags: musique concréte, analog electronics, tape music, psychedelic

Project B4 arose inadvertantly in 1998 at the Turnov Festival, when a missing band had to be replaced. Since then, it has featured an ever-changing line-up with a stable core, consisting of keyboard player David Freudl, guitarist Tomáš Procházka and drummer Leoš Kropáček. It has always been concerned with improvised music built on psychedelia, fragments of noise, jazz and rock with an outlandish reference to the specific sound of the prior Eastern Bloc.
B4 is the only Czech music group actively producing krautrock.

Album was part of the 22hours music bonus added to B4’s 2013 album Germanium, released by label Polí5.
Germanium can be downloaded HERE