Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meteorismo: Terrorismo

Federsel & Mäkelä pretending to be experimental music curators came up with
serious, yet crazy compilation of their side projects and friends from several corners of Europe. Terrorismo is the first of annual compilations of carefully selected music lunacy delicacies to be released by Meteorismo label.

Meteorismo: Terrorismo

1. Federsel: Volapük Farewell Song
2. Ilomantsin Optiikka: The Message
3. Ergo Phizmiz: Funeral March for an Umbrella
4. Tietäjät: Liukastuin Lätäkköön
5. Andrej Danóczi: Možno
6. Kraeae: Kristallimetsä
7. The Pololániks featuring Federsel & Mäkelä: Undercut
8. Tarnovski: Ai tikka kam moit oka komti it
9. P.A.M.: Πανθηρας
10. Core of the Coalman: Shapeshifter Birdleaves Little Minsk
11. Federsel/Freudl: New Rock 2

Meteorismo: Terrorismo, by METEORISMO

Ilomantsin Optiikka
Helsinki based project by TT, multi-instrumentalist from the band Arkaainen Verenhimo.

Side project of Finnish performance and music group Sabotanic Garden

Solo project of Finnish guitarist Jukka Kääriäinen, active also on bands:
Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble, Para ja Fengshui Rebels.

Side project of the only Czech krautrock band B4.

The Pololániks
Czech improvising quintet using classical music instruments, electronics as well as lot of home made instruments.

Andrej Danóczi
Solitaire of Slovak experimental music. Prolific creator of numerous pieces of plunderphonic music and musique concrète.

Czech improviser, sound artist, producer and performer. Man behind the mixing desk.

Ergo Phizmiz
Writer, composer, collagist, radio-producer, prominent figure in the Creative Commons music world. Lives in Bridport, UK.

Jara Tarnovski is one of the founding members of experimental/electronic quartet Gurun Gurun (Home Normal). He also plays in the bands Wabi Experience and IQ+1.

Core of the Coalman
Core of the Coalman, sound artist Jorge Boehringer as a solo piscean dream dolphin, consists of continuity and discontinuity for viola, voice, and circuits in the border state where multiple systems of events evolve at their own rates, and in fantastic coloured pulses.

P.A.M. - Πανθηρας

Prague based Finn, performer and musician. Releasing first solo album in 2014.