Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The second performance Urban Camping took place in Archa Theatre as a part of the festival Babel Prague in October 2012. We camped in the passage opposite the main entrance of the theater, next to DM drugstore. This time the program was considerably more introverted. Main goal was watching VHS tapes with recorded TV series, Chief-Inspector Navarro, which we found in a waste container. Other parts of the program were cooking and snacks, as well as making the souvenirs and house idols and (naturally) improvised recording. We again used four track tape recorder Fostex with damaged fast forward function and other technical maladies. In addition to guitar, microphone and other portable musical instruments, we also used some of the inventions of Jakub Hybler such as random loop player (nicknamed Parrot), ring modulator and bitcrusher made from found parts.


We record on tape Memorex Audio Chrome 90 and Emgeton Low Noise Compact Cassette C60, found in the trashbin.

Key terms: savage music, campfire avantguarde

Tags: free improv, urban ethno, music-on-location, lo-fi, durational performance music

URBAN CAMPING 2012 musicians:

Jan Dörner - guitar
Pasi Mäkelä - guitar
Tomáš Procházka - drum machine, half guitar, harp, Diddley Bow
Jakub Hybler - inventions
Martin Strakoš - clarinet
In the background  you can also hear the voice of Robert Smolík and
Chief-Inspector Navarro.

Sound treatment: Federsel 

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