Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Federsel/Freudl: New Rock

We wanted to recreate one afternoon about twenty years ago, in which we started our friendship by recording an album, because we didnt have any good stuff to listen to. We improvised directly to the tape recorder, with only one keyboard and guitar.
Twenty years later we are equipped with more sofisticated gear, but we also wanted to keep the whole thing as simple as possible. But this time we used computer instead of tape recorder.
We used only prepared piano and prepared guitar, only one delay pedal and a guitar amp. Besides preparation both our instruments any possible way we were recording all the sounds around us, especially dripping water from thawing snow and wood burning in the oven. Distorted sound were recorded using just the tube amp running “to eleven”.


Key terms: countryside gamelan, broom&shovel beat, hobo serious music, Lusatian Gagaku

Federsel and Freudl are colleagues from Czech band B4, perhaps the only Czech krautrock band, in which they have been playing together for fifteen years.


Tags: free improv, percussive music, urban gamelan, home made experimental music


Federsel - prepared guitar
David Freudl - prepared piano


1. New Rock
2. Burning Amp Lament
3. Thaw
4. Perfect Baroque
5. A New Breed Of Improvisation
6. Lusatia Droning

Recorded 15.1. 2014 at Alpaca Farm, Líska, Czech Republic
Mixing and mastering: Federsel, CSN


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