Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Federsel&Mäkelä: FRESH AND WILD

Two years after their debut, Federsel&Mäkelä come out with second album, which was ment to explore far more into world of musical weirdness. Working with tape loops and certain elements of country and electronica, the result led into collection of sonic voodoo and refreshing music insanity which makes it maybe rather challenging listening for average music consumer but also must-hear for any strange music connoisseur.
Federsel&Mäkelä just came out with another " sadistically beautiful " album!

Key terms: Sleazy listening, anti-musick, kitchen psychedelia, sound cut-ups, nutty country, cabbagge rock, ready-made music, mumble spoken word, wooden jazz, temporary futurism, fragmented ambient, cacaphonic music, obsolete new age music, turntablism drunkyard, clumsy blues, extraterrestrial folk music, deep hypnosis dance music, zombie entertainment.

“Really crazy shit!”
                             John Zorn

Federsel&Mäkelä is Prague based duo, consisting of Finnish butoh dancer and kimchi maker and Czech pupetteer and outsider music curator.
Federsel&Mäkelä are also latin music DJs, well known for hot salsa and cumbia  parties.

tags: psychedelic, freak-out, country, cacophony, ready made music, lo-fi, home made music


1. Crusin’ with 313
2. The Mollusks
3. Musical Mind Control
4. Zombie Happy Hour
5. Süpermän
6. Bird Pepper Frequency
7. Real Vintage
8. Ballad for the Untitled
9. The Meeting II
10. Horizontal Overcomer
11. Jazz for Lobo

Pasi Mäkelä - vocal, guitar, bass, percussions, saxophone, clarinet, harmonica, Casio VL1, two string fretless bass, electric kantele

Federsel - vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussions, drum machine, flute, turntable, radio, Korg Poly 800, Arturia Minibrute, Sonivox Mellotron, Dr. Pad, piano, tape loops, harmonica, two string fretless bass, 1/2 guitar.

Mixing and mastering: Federsel, CSN
Photography: Pavel Matela


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