Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Handa Gote: Radio Laputa

Radio Laputa is a lo-fi radio documentary recorded on Malostranské náměstí, Prague at 17.11. 2014 during a student happenning celebrating 25th anniversary of “Velvet revolution” in former Czechoslovakia.
Small team of Handa Gote audio experts was asking passers-by about their memories of revolution, or simply their todays feelings towards the revolution, but lately falling into simple chitchating, introvert mumbling, soliloquy and just plain recording of whatever was happening around. Spoken word is recorded in four layers and combined with music from found cassettes, sometimes processed through simple sound effects.
The result is a somnambulant documentary about one insignificant meeting in the hour of the anniversary of one of the most important moments in the modern Czech history.

Recorded on location: Malostranské náměstí, Prague, Czech Republic
Everything battery powered.
All equipment used during recording was made before 17.11. 1989.

Production: www.jedefrau.org

Released 17 November 2014

Handa Gote Radio Crew:
Robert Smolík
Tomáš Procházka

Cover design: Robert Smolík & Martin Smolík
Sound editing: Federsel

Count Portmon: Sony-TCM-359V

Recording dedicated to a single cassette recorder was a starting point of the project Count Portmon in 2011. Now his creator Jan Faix again has a reason to repeat the same concept. At the moment it is a requiem for a dead cassette recorder Sony TCM-359V, which significantly contributed to the sound effects palette not only in the solo work of Count Portmon, but also in bands Skrytý půvab byrokracie, Stratocluster, Let´s Bomb the Hell, Polk and Pražský syndrom, in the studio or live on stage.
Album thus contains raw recordings of playing with the recorder, long noises, field recordings, random bits of dialogue, music and other exceptional sonic situations. Sometimes sounds without any editing, sometimes they have been processed through Audacity program or through an arsenal of tape repeaters. In the resulting surreal collage, everyone can easily project his own experiences. Many people who have occurred in the range of the microphone of this unit, may even recognize bits of the recorded situations.

Released 20 December 2014

Jan Faix: Sony TCM-359V, tape repeaters, Audacity

Cover: Jan Faix/Jan Polanský
Mastering: Magister Federselius 

Here, you can  see one of the Portmon's videos, featuring his favourite friends, cassette walkmans:

Listen and download here:

Crinkled Tape Society: Session 1

Crinkled Tape Society is ever changing collective iniciated by Federsel as a part of his research on true lo-fi sound, which originated with series of Urban Camping recordings. CTS is a developing of the same method - recording a free form music on tape with partially random overdubs. Recordings are basically some sorte of byproduct of an interaction with the recording device (4 track tape recorder Fostex X-15). The project is also a homage to Davenport Family, free musical collective existing between 2002 and 2005 in Wisconsin, USA. With the very same goal, CTS tries to deal with raw music and sonic material of whatever sorte, to record in any possible place with or without music instruments, whatever music or non-music style.

Petr Vrba - electric trumpet, vocal
Federsel - bass, modular synth, speak and spell
Alexandre Losada - electric guitar
Sara Pena - electric guitar, vocal
Cristina Maldonado - VHS

Recorded on four track tape recorder Fostex X-15.
Special thanks to Radek Pokorný for cover design 

Recordings of Crinkled Tape Society are not to be taken as a serious discography, but more like a series of audio happenings, acoustic imprint of a social event or sometimes maybe an invocation of sonic demons.

Handa Gote: Urban Camping 3

 Urban Camping is an action of art group Handa Gote reseach & development. 24-hour camping in a public space in the city center. After the piazza of the Prague National Theatre and the passage Archa, Handa Gote camped on a pedestal of Saxon Neue Bibliothek in Chemnitz. Recorded on four track tape recorder Fostex X-15 with battery pack. In addition to these tools were used handmade crystal and dynamic 
microphones and random repeater nicknamed Parrot (made by Jakub Hybler).

Production: www.jedefrau.org

Recorded on the location: Moritzstrasse 20, Chemnitz, Germany
Everything battery powered.

Recorded by:
Pasi Mäkelä - banjo, Casio, clarinet, charango
Tomislav Federsel - drum machine, diddley bow, vocal, blues harp
Leoš Kropáček - bottles, cans
Johannes Dörner - banjo, charango
Knut - djembe, spoken word

Sound editing: Federsel
Photo: Pasi Mäkelä
Special thanks to Milo and Weltecho 


Monday, November 3, 2014


Federsel & Mäkelä again disguised as experimental music curators!
This is the second Meteorismo - serious, yet crazy- Compilation!
Carefully selected sonic delicacies for the listening pleasure of true strange music connoiseur!

Kekri, also spelled Keyri, or Käyri,  in ancient Finnish religion a feast day marking the end of the agricultural season that also coincided with the time when the cattle were taken in from pasture and settled for a winter’s stay in the barn. Kekri originally fell on Michaelmas, September 29, but was later shifted to November 1, All Saints’ Day. In the old system of reckoning time, Kekri was a critical period between the old and new years when the ancestor spirits came to visit their former homes. The living accordingly held feasts honouring the dead. Food and drink were left for the spirits, the sauna was heated, and the dead were referred to as “holy men.” The feast was generally restricted to the members of the family, but in some areas the occasion was also marked by the common sacrifice of a sheep by the men of the entire village.

KEKRI 2014
1.Der Marebrechst: 28 bradavek
2.Secretones: Concrete Mixer
3.Shaun Robert: Entr’acte
4.K.U.N.T.Z: Warstores
5.Federsel: Late Lament
6.Mooncup Accident: La Lasta Viro
7.PRESENT: Stuff of Life
8.Mama Baer: The Island
9.Tietäjät: Voodoo Noita Menee Komeroon
10.Kusti Vuorinen: Ultramariini

Minor sonic treatment: Professor Federselius
Cover art: Otto Kouwen


Tietäjät is a side project of Finnish performance/music group Sabotanic Garden. sabotanicgarden.blogspot.com

Otto Eskelinen - woodwinds, sampler
Eero Savela, trumpet
Arttu Hasu, bass
Marko Timonen, percussion
and special guest Olli Kari - synthesizer

Concrete Mixer composed by O.E. and co-arranged with Arttu Hasu.
Thanks also for Pertti Venäläinen and Venäläisen Perunatila for awesome samples, that made the basis of the tune!

Kusti Vuorinen
Finnish accordionist, multi-instrumentalist & composer Kusti Vuorinen presents here his recent work. Kusti played and recoded everything by himself in old wooden community house in Kuhmalahti, Finland.

is a viennese underground band founded by Divad Obenaus and Jan Linke .During time and space K.U.N.T.Z always tried to do different music styles from noise to pop or from ambient to country everything our hearts beating for.
The personel at  Warstores:
Divad Obenaus - synth
Bernhard Aye - chaospads
Jan Linke - e-drums

is a Los Angeles based quartet performing heavy experimental music since 2012. Their atonal compositions abandon guitars and lyrical form in favor the melodic dissonances of female sax, synthesizer, and vocals seated atop hectic percussive intensity. Non-traditional linear song gives way to free form passages, often in collaboration with other artists.The tone of their music invokes influences of 20th Century Classical, Black Metal, Japanese underground, Anarcho Punk, outsider art and free jazz. Live shows are often accompanied by performance art, live video, and improvised noise.
Stuff of Life recorded September 2014 at Cal Tech & and Women of Crenshaw, Los Angeles.
Produced by Henry MacDonald

Czech musician, producer and performer. One half of Federsel & Mäkelä duo. A man behind the mixing desk.

Der Marebrechst
Mysterious Czech musician and visual artist, designer of his own musical instruments.

Mooncup Accident
(Kristina Láníková a k!amm) is an universal misadventure trasformed into sound, caught on two cassettes so far, Litany of Hole (Blood in the Boat, 2013) a Holy Crap & Stuff (KLaNGundKRaCH, 2014). La Lasta Viro was recorded live at Spione in Brussels.

Shaun Robert
Musician and music curator, director of Institute For Alien Research Bath, Somerset. England.

Mama Baer
One half of the prolific duo Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer.
Member of the NO!art Movement.


PAM is the first solo release of Pasi Mäkelä (b. 1975), Prague based Finnish musician and performer. PAM is released through Czech alternative music label Poli5, together with Saaren Levy (Fin) and Meteorismo records (CZ).

Divine decomposed audio tape psychedelia, random rhythm passages, free Howl, tape echo chimes, lunatic squeaks, driving super lo-fi beat, disrupted sound collage, the discovery of a strange harmonic sound patchwork, heartbroken throat singing and space orbital sounds.

Music, Recording, Mixing: Pasi Mäkelä, Prague 2012-2014

*Tracks mixed at Saaren Levy with J.Saivo, Mastered by Jussi Saivo @ Saaren Levy, Vanha Ulvila, Finland. Cover by Niina Lehtonen Braun, Lay-out by Roland Rauschmaier

Released 26 October 2014

For the great pleasure and distress of the dear listener. With a careful touch of butcher and Thai masseur Mäkelä cuts familiar yet alienated sound materials together and creates vibrating musical dishes for your ears.
Available as name-your-price download or CD which you can purchase via Bandcamp Meteorismo, or in Prague Rekomando shop, Trojanova 9, Praha 2.

1. Cluster bomber
2. Nattugla
3. Karl M. Stdt Cmpg
4. Adaptapetation
5. Jolly Fleur *
6. Yötyö *
7. Freshly written window
8. Allis Chalmers *

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Federsel/Freudl: PEACOCK KING

Noise, samba, psychedelic and Czech brass music fragments, easy listening, lounge and hypnagogic, free rock and lysergic jazz.
During hiatus of their home group B4 long-time collaborators Federsel and Freudl met for the second time this year for an impromptu session. While previous record New Rock was kind of sober and pure sounding, the new album Peacock King was dedicated to cleansing bath of cacophonous sound, punctuated here and there with twisted bits of samba or 90’s lounge. To achieve the highest cacophony levels the duo invited several guests on brass instruments. Federsel and Freudl, in their side projects allow to go much farther than their home group, which is probably the only krautrock band in Czech Republic. The album is so fully rexhibits their dry and dekadent sense of humor. Peacock King is a musical invocation of demons done by the silliest sounds, stuttering rhythms and haunted melodies.
The album is a continuation of a series of earlier experiments pairs with different forms of psychedelic music using absurdly dense and unbearably intense flow of music and sound data. Peacock King is a scrum musical cues, often with the potential prettiness feeding on each other, producing a nervy sound mass, interrupted here and there with wacky easy listening. Soundtrack to our disordered lives, our fragmented world.

Recorded by
David Freudl: Korg microKORG, Delicia Mini MicroBrut Arturia, Korg Poly 800, Sonivox Mellotron
Tomislav Federsel: Dr. Boehm Digital Drums, Arturia MicroBrut, Hard Mod Duo, electric guitar, bass guitar, didley bow, theremin, percussions, voice

and guests
Petr Vrba: trumpet, trumpinet, electric tube
Strakoš: saxophone, clarinet
Vaclav Kalivoda: trombone

Recorded at home in late June and July 2014
Sound: Federsel, CSN
Cover design: Martin Klapper

Released on Meteorismo Records, 18.10.2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Federsel: SPEAKER

SPEAKER blends neo-musique concréte a Federsel’s own made up genre chamber noise music. Whole album is formally focused on various forms of distortion using tubes, tape, magnetic heads, fuzzbox or simple signal overload.
SPEAKER deals with hypnagogic inspirations in music and more than agresivity or straightforward psychedelia is trying to depict scattered vision and disordered data by form typical for hypnagogic states. For this time Federsel did not used any samples
and all the sounds comes from real instruments or studio equipment, often connected in a worst possible way to get his desired somnambulic sound.

Federsel: electric guitar, modular synth, feedbacks, tape player

Recorded at home, May 2013

Speaker, by Federsel

Keyterms: chamber noise music, hypnagogic avantgarde, inapropriate wiring

Tags: neo-musique concréte, noise, analog electronics, tape music, postindustrial


Andrej Danóczi: Reminiscencie

Solitaire of Slovak experimental music and prolific creator of numerous pieces of plunderphonic and musique concrète made special selection for Meteorismo. He dived in his bottomless sonic vaults and brought out a collection of twelve experimental pieces based on omnivorous sampling and sophisticated work combining basically any piece of sonic material on which he could lay his hands on. Composition 2004-2012 is a compressed collage of every piece of solo music that Danóczi made between those years.

Andrej Danóczi lives and works in Trenčín, Slovakia.

Keyterms: home made avantgarde,

Tags: musique concréte, electronics, plunderphonics

Reminiscencie, by Andrej Danóczi

Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/andrejdanoczi


The album was created in 2012 as a specific "remix" of B4’s album Lux Oxid, with some added sounds from found audio cassettes and several other, mostly non-musical sounds. The album was originally supposed to serve as a protection against the excessive penetration of all sorts of noises into all B4’s regular albums. It was intended to use it as a sort of musical homeopathy. The band came to the conclusion that if they make a separate album of noises, they wouldn’t ruin all their songs with them anymore. But obviously, they also wanted to have a recording where all the nice noises would not be disturbed by any musical background. As they say, they managed to fulfill the second goal, but not the first one.

1.Abominable Dr.Boehm
2.Vědecká II
3.Midnight Western Melodies.wav
4.Boys and Girls.wav
7.Abris Debris
8.Echo and Tuba
9.Uksus Rock
10.Leave it All Behind
11.Freestyle Fernsehen
12.That Person
13.Vědecká III
14.Dictaphone 1992

David Freudl, Tomáš Procházka, Leoš Kropáček and Karel Žďárský:
various devices, instruments and sounds

Mix and mastering: Federsel

Keyterms: obsolitism, home made avantgarde, Eastern Bloc experimental music

Tags: musique concréte, analog electronics, tape music, psychedelic

Project B4 arose inadvertantly in 1998 at the Turnov Festival, when a missing band had to be replaced. Since then, it has featured an ever-changing line-up with a stable core, consisting of keyboard player David Freudl, guitarist Tomáš Procházka and drummer Leoš Kropáček. It has always been concerned with improvised music built on psychedelia, fragments of noise, jazz and rock with an outlandish reference to the specific sound of the prior Eastern Bloc.
B4 is the only Czech music group actively producing krautrock.

Album was part of the 22hours music bonus added to B4’s 2013 album Germanium, released by label Polí5.
Germanium can be downloaded HERE


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meteorismo: Terrorismo

Federsel & Mäkelä pretending to be experimental music curators came up with
serious, yet crazy compilation of their side projects and friends from several corners of Europe. Terrorismo is the first of annual compilations of carefully selected music lunacy delicacies to be released by Meteorismo label.

Meteorismo: Terrorismo

1. Federsel: Volapük Farewell Song
2. Ilomantsin Optiikka: The Message
3. Ergo Phizmiz: Funeral March for an Umbrella
4. Tietäjät: Liukastuin Lätäkköön
5. Andrej Danóczi: Možno
6. Kraeae: Kristallimetsä
7. The Pololániks featuring Federsel & Mäkelä: Undercut
8. Tarnovski: Ai tikka kam moit oka komti it
9. P.A.M.: Πανθηρας
10. Core of the Coalman: Shapeshifter Birdleaves Little Minsk
11. Federsel/Freudl: New Rock 2

Meteorismo: Terrorismo, by METEORISMO

Ilomantsin Optiikka
Helsinki based project by TT, multi-instrumentalist from the band Arkaainen Verenhimo.

Side project of Finnish performance and music group Sabotanic Garden

Solo project of Finnish guitarist Jukka Kääriäinen, active also on bands:
Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble, Para ja Fengshui Rebels.

Side project of the only Czech krautrock band B4.

The Pololániks
Czech improvising quintet using classical music instruments, electronics as well as lot of home made instruments.

Andrej Danóczi
Solitaire of Slovak experimental music. Prolific creator of numerous pieces of plunderphonic music and musique concrète.

Czech improviser, sound artist, producer and performer. Man behind the mixing desk.

Ergo Phizmiz
Writer, composer, collagist, radio-producer, prominent figure in the Creative Commons music world. Lives in Bridport, UK.

Jara Tarnovski is one of the founding members of experimental/electronic quartet Gurun Gurun (Home Normal). He also plays in the bands Wabi Experience and IQ+1.

Core of the Coalman
Core of the Coalman, sound artist Jorge Boehringer as a solo piscean dream dolphin, consists of continuity and discontinuity for viola, voice, and circuits in the border state where multiple systems of events evolve at their own rates, and in fantastic coloured pulses.

P.A.M. - Πανθηρας

Prague based Finn, performer and musician. Releasing first solo album in 2014.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Federsel/Freudl: New Rock

We wanted to recreate one afternoon about twenty years ago, in which we started our friendship by recording an album, because we didnt have any good stuff to listen to. We improvised directly to the tape recorder, with only one keyboard and guitar.
Twenty years later we are equipped with more sofisticated gear, but we also wanted to keep the whole thing as simple as possible. But this time we used computer instead of tape recorder.
We used only prepared piano and prepared guitar, only one delay pedal and a guitar amp. Besides preparation both our instruments any possible way we were recording all the sounds around us, especially dripping water from thawing snow and wood burning in the oven. Distorted sound were recorded using just the tube amp running “to eleven”.


Key terms: countryside gamelan, broom&shovel beat, hobo serious music, Lusatian Gagaku

Federsel and Freudl are colleagues from Czech band B4, perhaps the only Czech krautrock band, in which they have been playing together for fifteen years.


Tags: free improv, percussive music, urban gamelan, home made experimental music


Federsel - prepared guitar
David Freudl - prepared piano


1. New Rock
2. Burning Amp Lament
3. Thaw
4. Perfect Baroque
5. A New Breed Of Improvisation
6. Lusatia Droning

Recorded 15.1. 2014 at Alpaca Farm, Líska, Czech Republic
Mixing and mastering: Federsel, CSN


Federsel&Mäkelä: FRESH AND WILD

Two years after their debut, Federsel&Mäkelä come out with second album, which was ment to explore far more into world of musical weirdness. Working with tape loops and certain elements of country and electronica, the result led into collection of sonic voodoo and refreshing music insanity which makes it maybe rather challenging listening for average music consumer but also must-hear for any strange music connoisseur.
Federsel&Mäkelä just came out with another " sadistically beautiful " album!

Key terms: Sleazy listening, anti-musick, kitchen psychedelia, sound cut-ups, nutty country, cabbagge rock, ready-made music, mumble spoken word, wooden jazz, temporary futurism, fragmented ambient, cacaphonic music, obsolete new age music, turntablism drunkyard, clumsy blues, extraterrestrial folk music, deep hypnosis dance music, zombie entertainment.

“Really crazy shit!”
                             John Zorn

Federsel&Mäkelä is Prague based duo, consisting of Finnish butoh dancer and kimchi maker and Czech pupetteer and outsider music curator.
Federsel&Mäkelä are also latin music DJs, well known for hot salsa and cumbia  parties.

tags: psychedelic, freak-out, country, cacophony, ready made music, lo-fi, home made music


1. Crusin’ with 313
2. The Mollusks
3. Musical Mind Control
4. Zombie Happy Hour
5. Süpermän
6. Bird Pepper Frequency
7. Real Vintage
8. Ballad for the Untitled
9. The Meeting II
10. Horizontal Overcomer
11. Jazz for Lobo

Pasi Mäkelä - vocal, guitar, bass, percussions, saxophone, clarinet, harmonica, Casio VL1, two string fretless bass, electric kantele

Federsel - vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussions, drum machine, flute, turntable, radio, Korg Poly 800, Arturia Minibrute, Sonivox Mellotron, Dr. Pad, piano, tape loops, harmonica, two string fretless bass, 1/2 guitar.

Mixing and mastering: Federsel, CSN
Photography: Pavel Matela


The second performance Urban Camping took place in Archa Theatre as a part of the festival Babel Prague in October 2012. We camped in the passage opposite the main entrance of the theater, next to DM drugstore. This time the program was considerably more introverted. Main goal was watching VHS tapes with recorded TV series, Chief-Inspector Navarro, which we found in a waste container. Other parts of the program were cooking and snacks, as well as making the souvenirs and house idols and (naturally) improvised recording. We again used four track tape recorder Fostex with damaged fast forward function and other technical maladies. In addition to guitar, microphone and other portable musical instruments, we also used some of the inventions of Jakub Hybler such as random loop player (nicknamed Parrot), ring modulator and bitcrusher made from found parts.


We record on tape Memorex Audio Chrome 90 and Emgeton Low Noise Compact Cassette C60, found in the trashbin.

Key terms: savage music, campfire avantguarde

Tags: free improv, urban ethno, music-on-location, lo-fi, durational performance music

URBAN CAMPING 2012 musicians:

Jan Dörner - guitar
Pasi Mäkelä - guitar
Tomáš Procházka - drum machine, half guitar, harp, Diddley Bow
Jakub Hybler - inventions
Martin Strakoš - clarinet
In the background  you can also hear the voice of Robert Smolík and
Chief-Inspector Navarro.

Sound treatment: Federsel 


Durational performance music from 24-hour camping experience on the National Theatre's 

piazzetta in Prague. Recorded June 20th, 2011.

Handa Gote performance ensemble spent 24 hours camping on the National Theatre's piazzetta in homemade ceremonial masks and clothing. Relaxation, conversation, and games; a further unspecified ceremony; the erection of a portable temple for further unspecified godheads; cooking food and whiling the time away by playing on homemade instruments, through song and dance, the creation of arrowheads and other practical tools using available materials (glass from bottles, replacing the more difficult-to-find obsidian or flintstone), and about two hours ritual of invocation of money.

Key terms: savage music, campfire avantguarde, non music

Tags: free improv, urban ethno, music-on-location, lo-fi, durational performance music

Handa Gote research & development and guests:
Tomáš Procházka
Robert Smolík
Martin Janíček
Miloš Šejn
Jan Dörner
Jakub Hybler

Recorded on location using Fostex X 15, 4track tape recorder.
Sound treatment: Federsel